Is Your Business a Social Butterfly?

September 14, 2010 § Leave a comment


Many small businesses have the odds stacked against them, especially in this lousy economy. Taking time to develop a social media strategy or presence may seem superfluous when ends are barely met, but it’s an invaluable element of your business’s foundation. With each blog post and tweet, you are telling the story of your company – a narrative that flourishes over time to establish your brand and develop your community of clients and stakeholders. Is that something you can afford to put off until next year?

This is why we love Alaina Sheer’s ongoing series right now at the Metropreneur, “The Social Side”.  She’s laying it out in a relatable and informative how-to guide for both green startups and established businesses looking to keep up with their digitally-savvy peers. 

We may work in small business development, but bear in mind that we’re a small non-profit ourselves, no strangers to tight budgets and long hours.  We’re just getting our blogging sea legs over here at ECDI HQ. After years of elbow grease and perseverance to develop rock-solid programs to break the cycle of poverty for central Ohioans, this summer we took things social with our Facebook and Twitter  pages to gain purchase on the Columbus small business development conversation. It’s amazing the ideas you folks have out there in the binary ether! We’re having a blast with it.  Check out Alaina’s advice for gettin’ social with your biz – she‘s the pro, after all.


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