Good Neighbors: Columbus by Zip Code

September 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

(Today’s guest post brought to you by fiscal ace and resident East Sider, Lynn Stan. )

photo credit 614 magazine

I am an east side Columbus girl, born and raised in the 43209 zip code. Just east across James Road, within walking distance of my house, the 43213 zip code housed my elementary, junior high and high schools. And for the last 20 years I have been living in the Olde Towne East neighborhood, in zip codes 43203 and 43205.

Please don’t think I have led a sheltered life, never venturing very far from my east side home.  I know the city of Columbus well and can easily get around downtown, the suburbs and the surrounding country side.  I don’t like freeways. I do like to take time to see and understand the city from different angles, so I try to take new routes that wind me through different Columbus neighborhoods. Much of my time is spent going east and west on East Broad Street, East Main Street, and East Long Street, in and out of my neighborhood and ECDI’s current 43215 home.

I know the city well, but I still like the east side best. Although we are often misunderstood and mislabeled, there are special treasures like the renovated Lincoln Theatre and the fresh-from-the-farm restaurant, Black Creek Bistro . My neighborhood is full of wonderful local businesses to enjoy and support. 

To recognize and honor the entrepreneurial spirit that ECDI is here to foster, I selected a few of my favorite home grown food businesses in my neighborhoods. I’d recommend checking them out or paying them a return visit. 

Along East Long Street, in the King Lincoln District, enjoy coffee, food, and events featuring jazz, poetry and art, either at the Urban Spirit Coffee Shop and Loft Art Gallery or Zanzibar Brews, located in the Gateway Building across from the Lincoln Theater.

Along East Main Street, clustered between Eastmoor and Roosevelt, enjoy dinner at Old 40 Tavern (2882 E. Main Street, 43209) or The Top Steak House, and then stop by Johnson Ice Cream for dessert.

 East Broad Street is home to Frank’s Diner (2932 East Broad, 43209), Pita House (2996 East Broad, 43209), and Billy Lee’s Chinese Cusine (2974 East Broad, 43209), all which have excellent and unique cuisine.

In two weeks ECDI will be moving to 1655 Old Leonard Avenue. I am excited to explore this part of the 43219 zip code, and to discover the best routes to Olde Towne or my parent’s house east of 270, and other parts of town. And my coworkers and I have all been wondering what lunch joints are nearby, as well as where we can stop for dinner or supplies on the way home from work.

Do any of you have any favorite 43219 establishments or any other favorite local businesses in your neighborhood? Tell us where the ECDI team should go to grab a bite after work!


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