Epic Potluck or Why This is a Pretty Fun Place to Work

January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve had some celebrations in our new building.  In October, we opened our doors to our near east side neighbors to discover ECDI and our programs.  At the end of November, we invited the local economic development community to come see our space and sample the wares from our awesome food vendors. Finally today we were able to just have staff (and our new roommates the SBB) kick back, enjoy each other’s company, and high five a little bit about how well things are going here.

First, the inimitable Billy Karmia, Lending and Sales Coordintaor, rang the “dinner bell” (origin of bell as of yet unknown) to draw all the diligent staff members out from behind their computer monitors to the basement. We all shuffled down to the basement and descended on the epic spread.  Cheese platters, veggie trays, chili, cornbread, pizza, cake, salad, hummos, tabouli, taco dip – there was no shortage of staff-prepared awesomeness.
Sheldon, our VP of Lending and Montana cowboy by way of South Africa, brought some spicy elk loaf, a tasty souvenir of a successful hunting trip last fall.
Those of the meat-eating persuasion seemed to really like the elk loaf! After 45 minutes, we all abandoned the crock pots and the salad bowls and got back to work.  Putting $8.5 millon in small business loans on the street to more than 500 entrepreneurs since 2004 was pretty hard work – it’s pretty important to refuel often.


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