All-local Gift Baskets!

December 2, 2011 § 1 Comment

Celebrate Local is at it again, providing interesting all-local gifts for this holiday season. The team at Celebrate Local is working with our fantastic vendors to provide gift baskets that can satisfy even the pickiest on your list. The baskets are divided into three different price categories, ‘Local Fan’ at $30, ‘Local Enthusiast’ at $50 and ‘Local Hero’ at $100.

The Local Fan category basket themes include Sweet, Spice, Beauty, Fresh Baked, Cheese Lovers, Chocolate Lovers, and even Gluten Free. For those on your list who have a bit of a sweet tooth, The Celebrate Sweet, Celebrate Fresh Baked, Celebrate Chocolate Lovers, and Celebrate Gluten free all come highly recommended. For those whose prefer the savory, there are Celebrate Spice and Celebrate Cheese Lovers varieties. Additionally, the Celebrate Beauty Basket offers a selection of skin and hair care products, all local of course.

The Local Enthusiast category offers a broader range of all the baskets from the Local Fan category, or baskets that celebrate Romance, Handmade, Carnivores, and Herbivores. The Romance basket includes all the items necessary for a relaxing evening, such as locally-sourced wine, baklava, and scented candles. The Celebrate Handmade Basket is aimed for those who enjoy creative crafts and handmades. Have any meat lovers on your list? The Celebrate Carnivores includes a selection of grass-fed beef and bison, perfect for roasting or grilling. If you’ve got a vegetarian in your life, the Celebrate Herbivores gift includes a selection of pasta, veggie burgers, and vegetarian-friendly fare.

The largest size of basket is the Local Hero category. Any of the basket varieties mentioned above can be If you’re not sure about which basket to choose, the Celebrate Local Basket provides a deluxe assortment of Ohio products from all categories.

To order a basket today call (614)423-4509, fill out a request form , or stop by the Celebrate Local store at Easton for an order form. The order is not placed until a Celebrate Local staff member calls to take payment.

Celebrate Local requests 7 days to process orders, baskets can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.


§ One Response to All-local Gift Baskets!

  • Chuck says:

    It’s very important these days to support the local businesses. And when not buying locally, consider buying from the small businesses instead of the large corporations.

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